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Kinnser Software Inc. is the company that has introduced Software for Home healthcare providers to be able to better manage their business. To use this software you have to Log in at Kinnser.net. with your user name and password. Kinnser Software was founded in 2003 and its aim has been to create software for the home health industry.

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Today Kinnser Software has created many solutions that not only helps to save money but also lets the home healthcare providers spend more time on taking care of their patients. The software at Kinnser.net is web based, this means that the input can be done from anywhere where there is an internet connection. This not only helps in saving time but it also reduces expenses as there is no need to maintain servers and an IT department.

Home health care is a fast expanding industry with the number of baby boomers reaching senior age. In order to be able to take care of these patients that wish to have home health care, it is important for clinics to be able to not only provide the best health care but also to be able to do it efficiently while keeping their costs down to make the care affordable. By using the software solutions at kinnser.net which are specifically designed for home healthcare providers. It helps to keep all the paperwork organized and all in one place. Since this software is web based, anyone of the users in your organization can have not only the records of the patients easily available, but billing and filing claims is also made easy and available to the users.

Because the data that you process using this software is web based and since you do not have to maintain any servers or back ups, the data remains very secure and is only available to the authorized users in your company. As this software is intuitive there need only be one point of entry for your data which is then immediately delivered to all necessary departments.

When your company decides to use the solutions that are available at kinnser.net. You get total support as well as training to make the transition to this software. Not only does your staff get help in setting up the administrative and billing in the system but both your clinical staff as well as your administrative staff gets training over a period of two days to help them successfully transition and operate the new software. Along with this training there is ongoing support and training opportunities that are offered by Kinnser Software which not only helps the existing staff but also helps in training new staff.

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